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Southeast Flying Events

GA3/4/2016 - 3/5/2016 -- Perry, GA (C) SOUTHEASTERN MODEL SHOW SMS. Site: Georgia National Fairgrounds. James Parker CD PH: 478-396-8731 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/30. Largest RC Swap Meet in America With over 1000 tables loaded with all types of RC related product with Indoor flying to boot. Sponsor: GA AIRCRAFT MODELERS ASSN

3/12/2016 -- Dunwoody, GA (A) PEACH STATE INDOOR CHAMPS. Site: 1978 Mt Vernon Rd. David Mills CD PH: 404-509-4209 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/548. Location; St Luke's Presbyterian Church 1978 Mt. Vernon Rd. Simplified Scale, Embryo, Phanton Flash, No-cal Scale, Chattahoochee Challenge, Hangar Rat, Jimmie Allen Scale, Mass Launches-Hanger Rat, WWI, WWII, Racer, Civillian, Phanton Flash. Sponsor: THERMAL THUMBERS OF METRO ATLANTA

GA4/1/2016 - 4/2/2016 -- Andersonville, GA (C) POP CURTIS MEMORIAL FLY IN. Site: Hodges Field. Thomas Holmes CD PH: 864.787.0426 Email: Sanction #16/149. Fly what you got for two days of fun and comradery. Food will be available from "Kate's Soul Food." Pilots meeting at 9am. No plane size or type restriction. Landing $10.00 for the weekend.

4/9/2016 -- Dunwoody, GA (A) APRIL INDOOR. Site: Dunwoody. William Gowen CD PH: 404-636-3451 Email: Sanction #16/265. Events; 201-203, 206, 208-209, 212-213, 215, 217-218, 220, 222-223, 505 (JSO) CAT I. Sponsor: THERMAL THUMBERS OF METRO ATLANTA

4/11/2016 - 4/16/2016 -- Andersonville, GA (C) SOUTHEAST ELECTRIC FLIGHT FESTIVAL. Site: Hodges Hobbies Field. Ernest Schlumberger CD PH: 770-879-0890 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/179. The South's Premier Electric Fun Fly 15th Annual event. Open to all forms of EPowered flight. Primarily open flight, demo flights on Fri-Sat, BBQ Fri night, RC electric vendors on site. Ric Vaughn Sailplane contest on Thurs 4/14 11-3pm. See website. Sponsor: FAYETTE FLYERS

4/21/2016 - 4/24/2016 -- Andersonville, GA (C) SOUTH EAST REGIONAL AEROTOW. Site: Hodges Hobbies. Kris Van Nostran CD PH: 321.514.7208 Email: Sanction #16/60.

4/24/2016 -- Whitesburg, GA (A) APRIL FOOLS. Site: Ngturfsod Farm. Frederick Hube CD PH: 770.886.0104 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/269. Events; 124, 129, 140, 142, 160, 165, 501, 503 CAT III (JSO). Sponsor: THERMAL THUMBERS OF METRO ATLANTA

4/30/2016 -- Stone Mountain, GA (C) SPRING FUN FLY. Site: Smrcf Field. Kenneth Lightner CD PH: 770.564.1190 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/806. Join us for Stone Mountain RC Flyers Annual Fun Fly. We will have open flying most of the day, with an evening cookout and some light fun fly contests. The event continues into an evening night fly til 10pm. Sponsor: STONE MOUNTAIN R/C FLYERS

GA5/22/2016 -- Whiteburg, GA (A) MAY DAZE. Site: Nfturf Sod Farm. Dohrman Crawford CD PH: 770/698-8737 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/263. Events; 124, 129, 140, 142, 160, 165, 501, 503 (JSO), CAT III. Sponsor: THERMAL THUMBERS OF METRO ATLANTA

5/28/2016 -- Dunwoody, GA (A) MAY INDOOR. Site: St Lukes Presbyterian Church. Nicholas Ray CD PH: 865-675-5034 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/262. Events; 201-202, 216, 208-209, 212, 215, 217-218, 220, 222-223, 505 (JSO) CAT I. Sponsor: THERMAL THUMBERS OF METRO ATLANTA
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FL3/5/2016 - 3/6/2016 -- Indiantown, FL (AA) AIRSTORMERS SPRING TUNE UP. Site: 9201 SW Fox Brown Rd. Leonard Bechtold CD PH: 561/747-5129 Email: Sanction #16/50. Events; 324-326 (JSO).

3/5/2016 - 3/9/2016 -- Lakeland, FL (C-Restricted) RED FLAG. Site: Paradise Field. Frank Tiano CD PH: 863-607-6611 Email: An all jet aerobatic competition for super experienced pilots. For separate classes of scale and sport jets, and a Team Formation class as well. Sponsor: IMPERIAL RC CLUB INC

3/5/2016 - 3/6/2016 -- Nokomis, FL (C) WINGS OVER VENICE 17th ANNUAL GIANT SCALE FLY-IN. Site: 4000 Knights Trail. Kevin Freeman CD PH: 941.244.0336 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/328. 80' Mono 60" Biplane. $20 landing fee for the weekend. Daily pilot giveaways, lunch time demos. candy drop for kids, food available Limited RV self contained camping. Sponsor: R/C FLIERS OF VENICE INC

3/9/2016 - 3/12/2016 -- Lakeland, FL (C) FLORIDA JETS. Site: Lakeland Airport. Frank Tiano CD PH: 863-607-6611 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/541. Three hundred Jets, Demos, Manufacturers area. 6 Flight lines, awards, one of the most AWESOME flying sites on the planet! Sponsor: IMPERIAL RC CLUB INC

3/11/2016 - 3/13/2016 -- Palmetto, FL (C) 25TH ANNUAL DICK COLES MEMORIAL FLY IN. Site: MCRC Club Field. James Holloman CD PH: 941-224-7009 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/83. Restricted- IMAA event- 500'x100' Grass runway. Limited RV hook ups with electric (30amp) and water, restrooms, food/beverages on site. No turbines, nose limit 96dbs, 9ft. $15 landing fee. Directions; I75 to Exit 224, US 301 N to Erie Rd. Turn Left. Sponsor: MANATEE COUNTY RADIO CNTRLRS

3/12/2016 - 3/13/2016 -- Christmas, FL (A) FLORIDA SOARING SOCIETY #1 2016. Site: Christmas/Savage Creek Flying. Raed Elazzawi CD PH: 4074054718 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/977. Events; 444 (JSO). Open class soaring for both winch launched and electric sailplanes. Altitude limiters set to 150 meters. Pilots metting at 9:45am Saturday and 8:45 Sunday. Refreshments will not be available. Bring your own food. Sponsor: ORLANDO BUZZARDS RC SOARING SOCIETY, INC.

3/12/2016 -- Ocala, FL (C) CENTRAL FLORIDA DAWN PATROL. Site: Ocala Flying Model Club. Jesse Hinds CD PH: 352-288-0451 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/48. Join us for great flying on 48x600 paved runway with 150x900 grass runway. Giant Scale WW1 60"80" rules apply. Landing fee $10. All warbirds thru 1918. Campers welcome no hook ups cookshack will be open for lunch. Sponsor: OCALA FLYING MODEL CLUB

3/12/2016 - 3/13/2016 -- Palm Bay, FL (AA) MARCH MADNESS. Site: Club Field. Ron Sharpton CD PH: 386.767.6138 Email: Sanction #16/239. 8 NOS, 10 Old time, FAI, FAC, Electric, Hi-start National Cup Sponsor: FLORIDA MODELERS ASSOCIATION

3/18/2016 - 3/20/2016 -- Mulberry, FL (AA) 12TH ANNUAL SOUTHERN 500. Site: Club Field. Scott Smith CD PH: Email: Visit: Sanction #16/482. Events; 422, 424, 426 (JSO). 4 Prizes awarded in each class; 424 short, 424 long, 426 short, 422 long. SEMPRA regional event. Points for regional & national class standings. Sponsor: IMPERIAL RC CLUB INC

3/19/2016 - 3/20/2016 -- Belleview, FL (AA) 6TH OCALA SPRINGS IMAC CONTEST. Site: 1020 See 110th St. Ivan Kristensen CD PH: 519-654-6321 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/304. Events; 401-404, 406-407 (JSO). Great IMAC site open for practice Thursday-Friday. Free camping, no hookups. Entry fee $25, includes 2 free lunches. Alternate sequences will be flown in advance and unlimited. Sponsor: OCALA FLYING MODEL CLUB

3/19/2016 - 3/20/2016 -- Cape Coral, FL (C) GATHERING OF THE GIANTS FLY IN. Site: 1030 NW 28 St Seahawk Airpark. John Gorla CD PH: 239-471-9845 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/10. 21st Annual Gathering of the Giants Fly-in. Assistant CD Richard Maltby Ph: 239-789-8238. No LF, RV Park Free, no hook-ups. Paved 60' x 600' & grass runways. Giant size rules. Prizes and food vendors. Please see website. Sponsor: CAPE CORAL R/SEA HAWKS

3/19/2016 - 3/20/2016 -- Cocoa, FL (C) SPACE COAST AEROTOW. Site: Space Coast Aeromodeling Park. Kris Van Nostran CD PH: 321.514.7208 Email: Sanction #16/59.

FL4/1/2016 - 4/3/2016 -- Port St Lucie, FL (C) 24TH ANNUAL BIG BIRD EVENT. Site: Sundancers Radio Control Club. Kenneth Bridges CD PH: 772-489-0500 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/252. 24th Annual Big Bird Event. Pilot prizes, food, and raffles. Campers welcome, no hookups. Sponsor: SUN DANCERS RC CLUB

4/2/2016 - 4/3/2016 -- Arcadia, FL (AA) SOUTHWEST FLORIDA AEROBARICS CHALLENGE. Site: Charlotte Sport Modelers Soc. David Ortmayer CD PH: 941.255.0557 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/640. Events; 411 (O), 41-415 (SO). Sponsor: CHARLOTTE SPORT MODELERS SOCIETY

4/2/2016 -- Cape Coral, FL (C) CAPE ELECTRIC FUN FLY CEFF. Site: 1030 NW 28th St. Joseph Dolliver CD PH: 239-772-2677 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/190. Location; Seahawk Park. 8am -4pm. On site charging station, 600' x 60' paved runway, heli, 3D, float, warbirds, etc. Friendly flying fun. NO FEE. Sponsor: CAPE CORAL R/SEA HAWKS

4/2/2016 -- Ocala, FL (CRST) OTOW BIG BIRD FLY-IN. Site: On Top of The World RC Flyers. Richard Rose CD PH: 352-854-9424 Email: Sanction #16/291. Restricted to 80" span mono, and 60" multi wings. No gas turbines. No landing or parking fees. RVs welcome but no hookups or overnight camping. Excellent food concession on site.

4/9/2016 - 4/10/2016 -- Belleview, FL (AA) OCALA SUN PATTERN CONTEST. Site: 1020 Se 110th St. Ivan Kristensen CD PH: 519-654-6321 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/836. Events; 401-404, 406 (JSO). All pattern classes, FAI P-17 Saturday, F-17 Sunday. Sponsor: OCALA FLYING MODEL CLUB

4/9/2016 -- Christmas, FL (A) FSS #1A ALES. Site: Buzzards Christmas Field. Donald Grisham CD PH: 863-291-4314 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/576. Events; 444 (O). FSS #1A ALES contest. Registration opens 9am, pilots meeting 10am. Timers must attend pilots meeting. No food/beverages available. Prizes will be awarded first-third. Beginners welcome! AMA rules apply. Contact CD with questions. Sponsor: ORLANDO BUZZARDS RC SOARING SOCIETY, INC.

4/9/2016 -- Dunnellon, FL (C) BIG BIRD 16TH ANNUAL FLY IN. Site: 12175 S Bridges Rd. John Kettgen CD PH: 352-489-9375 Email: Sanction #16/497. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Dunnellon Little League. Sponsor: TRI-COUNTY RC CLUB

4/9/2016 - 4/10/2016 -- Ocoee, FL (C) TORCHS SPRING SMACKDOWN. Site: Torchs West Flying Field. Carey Shurley CD PH: 407/833-8737 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/973. Two days in Florida Spring weather flying model helicopters along with some of the worlds best pilots. Near the Orlando Theme parks, bring your family and make it a vacation! Sponsor: THE ORLANDO RC HELICOPTER SOC TORCHS

4/14/2016 - 4/16/2016 -- Glen St Marys, FL (C) SPRING DAWN PATROL OVER THE GLEN. Site: Shadetree Miniature Assoc. Mark Chapman CD PH: 904-705-3178 Email: Sanction #16/363. Location; W. of Jax I-10 exit 333. Any size, any power WWI or pre-WWI aircraft. Landing fee $20.00 includes supper Friday night. Dry camping with limited RV hook-ups. Concession on site.

4/16/2016 -- Ocala, FL (C) SPRING FLING. Site: Club Field. Anthony Paluzzi CD PH: 352-307-3495 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/340. Come fly with us on our 40x600 paved runway or 100x1500 grass runway. Food and beverages available. Any size planes welcome. Primitive camping no hookups. Landing fee $10.00 Pilots meeting 8:30. Sponsor: OCALA FLYING MODEL CLUB

4/16/2016 - 4/17/2016 -- Palm Bay, FL (AA) FMA SPRING OPENER. Site: Club Field. Rex Hinson CD PH: 352.344-5931 Email: Sanction #16/240. NOS, Old Time, FAC, FAI, National Cup, Classic Towline A1/A2 Combined, Hi-start Sponsor: FLORIDA MODELERS ASSOCIATION

4/22/2016 - 4/24/2016 -- Glen St Mary, FL (AA) FIRST COAST IMAC CONTEST. Site: Shadetree Miniature Aircraft A. Peter Jackson CD PH: 954.205.5077 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/421. Events; 411-415 (O). Sponsor: GATEWAY RC CLUB

4/23/2016 - 4/24/2016 -- Sarasota, FL (C) AIR FAIR 2016. Site: 8730 Bee Ridge Rd. John Hall CD PH: 941-704-9375 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/638. Awards and prizes. 80" mono, 60" biplane. Jets if field conditions allow (check website). Landing fee $15 one or two days. Sponsor: SARASOTA RC SQUADRON

4/26/2016 - 5/1/2016 -- Lakeland, FL (B-Restricted) TOP GUN. Site: Paradise Field. Frank Tiano CD PH: 863-607-6611 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/542. Events; 511-512, 515, 520, 522-523 (JSO). This has become the largest scale competition in the world! 130 competitors, 7 classes. New "X" class. New: Helicopters in their own special area for 2016! 5 days of pure excitement and fun! Sponsor: IMPERIAL RC CLUB INC

4/30/2016 - 5/1/2016 -- Eglin AFB, FL (AA) EMERALD COAST BEACHCOMBER PATTERN CLASSIC. Site: Test Site C3. Robert Campbell CD PH: 850-499-7095 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/191. Entry fee $35. Events; 401-404, 406 (JSO). 406 to fly P-15 on Sat, F-15 on Sun. Trophies through third place in each class. Pre-register at Unofficial pre-sportsman class will be offered to new flyers. Sponsor: EGLIN AERO MODELLERS

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