Kingsbay RC Modelers Club 



Must have current AMA insurance to fly.

All intentions involving the direct area of the runway must be announced so that everyone on the flight line understands. 


1. Deliberate flying behind the safety line is prohibited.

2.  All 72MHZ radio’s must display frequency identification on the antenna.

3. Taxiing is not allowed in the pit area.

4. It is strongly recommended that members do not fly alone.

5. Children are not to be permitted in the pit area unless under the direct supervision of an adult or under flight instruction.

6. If operating on 72MHZ, you MUST check with ALL pilots prior to turning on transmitter.

7. Aircraft shall be inspected before the initial flight each day.

8. If more than one aircraft is in the air, no 3D/Hovering will be allowed over the run-way.  

9. High start lines are to run parallel to active runway.

10. Direction of flight is determined by the wind direction, etc.

11. Flight operations will stop during electrical storms.




1. Flying site is for KINGS BAY R/C Modelers in good standing only. (i.e. current membership, current AMA insurance, and FAA Registration).  Flying guests are allowed on a temporary basis, but MUST have current AMA insurance and FAA Registration.  

2. Only pilots and assistants are allowed on the flight/safety line.

3. Mufflers are required on all models.

4. TESTING of engines is to be performed in South Side of the parking lot.

5. Shelter may not be used as a pit area except in the case of bad weather.

6. The AMA Safety Code will be displayed when the field is open for flying.

7. Fliers operating models must have their AMA membership card and FAA Registration available and be presented if asked to do so.

8. Pilots shall make appropriate announcement when taking off, landing, walking on the runway, or emergency situations.

9. Compliance to these safety rules is the responsibility of each participant.

10. It is recommended that pilots have at least a minimal First Aid Kit.

11. DO NOT USE THE OUTHOUSE. Only use the Porta-Potty.  Please help keep clean.  


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